Tropaeolum polyphyllum

Tropaeolum polyphyllum

A deservedly, sought-after plant. It is breathtaking and a "must have" for the connoisseur's garden.

The above ground growth consists of one metre long trailing stems densely clothed in deeply cut, highly decorative silver-grey foliage which in itself is enough reason to grow the plant. In addition however, the plant clothes itself in masses of gorgeous bright yellow flowers. Some forms can be primrose or even (rarely) cream, others are shaded with orange externally.

It makes searching rounded tubers, that can go down in the ground to a depth of 60cm or more, hence it is not an easily produced plant, commercially. This deep tuber means that it is very hardy. A fact backed up by altitudes of up to 3,300m at which it occurs wild in the Chilean Andes.

Well-drained soil in full sun. Best moved as small tubers which will then take a year to burrow and establish, making just a small amount of top growth but then it is unstoppable.

Tropaeolum polyphyllumtropolpol 9.50
2-3 year old, small, hard-grown tubers at an ideal size to transplant before they become too large and fragile to move safely. NOT flowering sized.