Lilium poilanei

Lilium poilanei

This species may, or may not, be white, as we once thought. The naming is unclear and the original description is imprecise with 2-3 distinct plants vying for one name.

Our plant (the one illustrated) accords with the scant details we have for Lilium poilanei described by Gangepain in 1934, from N.W. Vietnam. However the stock that we now grow is not the same as our original white-trumpeted stock.

Our plants can be almost white to pale lemon-yellow or greenish flowers (only one example is shown) with a throat infused with plum. Externally and they have a characteristic median red line. The anthers are brownish red or orange-yellow depending on their development.

The red line should be characteristic enough to enable a diagnosis of this species however that was also true of our old stock which was very different. Suffice to say that our present stock concurs with the accepted plant in western nurseries. It is very lovely and does well here in a fertile, well-drained, humus rich soil in full sun with a little transient or dappled shade.

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