Arisaema elephas

Arisaema elephas

This wonderful plant is full of personality! It is impossible to look at this plant, in flower, without cracking a smile.

Amazingly architectural leaves which can reach 90cm, though they are usually substantially less than this. These are produced at the same time as the rather variable but basically wide, inflated spathes which are boldly striped with green and mahogany-brown.

From the centre of the spathe emerges a dark, thickened and very abruptly angled spadix that looks just like an elephant raising its trunk.

Readily grown in a well-drained leafy soil which can veer, temporarily, to damp or even seasonally wet. Fully hardy here in the garden, though it takes pot culture well - a dependable perennial plant.

Arisaema elephasarieleele 15.50
nice, flowering-sized tubers.